On-board or on-shore, breathe better knowing that you have the remarkable efficiency of OEM Bay’s filters. Trust in our filters to perform better than almost any brand out today, through any weather situation or operating condition.

Whether on-board or on-shore, you can breathe easy with Donaldson filters. You can trust Donaldson filters to perform in any weather, environment or operating condition.


Filtration solutions that OEM Bay offers include filtration solutions for Tugs, Crew/Supply Ships, Trawlers, OSV, Stevedoring.

Power Steering System

With our extensive line of spin-on, cartridge-style and in-tank hydraulic filters, customers can protect their critical hydraulic components to the fullest capacity with OEM Bay filters that perform at optimal levels under intense pressure.


With an expansive line of exhaust systems, the OEM Bay brand include a series of mufflers, components, and accessories for medium and heavy-duty diesel powered equipment.

Air Filter Panel

OEM Bay has led the industry in just about every area of heavy-duty engine air filtration and that continues today through our line of air intake systems and replacement filters, manufactured to withstand the harshest climates imaginable and still perform at optimal levels.

Transmission Filters

OEM Bay can accommodate just about an transmission or power steering application, as we offer an extensive line of filters, from spin-on to cartridge styles.

Engine Lube Filter

By producing a complete line of lube filters for diesel engines that operate at optimal capacity, OEM Bay ensures that our customers oil remains clean at all times by capturing the pollutants that can cause damage to the engine.

Compressor - Hydraulic Filter

Using our extensive line of spin-on, cartridge-style and in-tank hydraulic filters, customers can fully protect their critical hydraulic components as our equipment always performs at optimal levels for the best in efficiency.

Auxiliary Generators - Air

OEM Bay produces a great line of air intake systems and replacement filters that service every aspect of heavy-duty engine air filtration. With the OEM Bay brand, know that you are receiving air filters that are able to withstand the harshest climates with peak efficiency.

Thrusters – Lube

Our lube filters keep your oil as clean as possible, removing pollutants that can lead to severe engine damage.

Day Tank - Off-Line Filtration

The OEM Bay brand produces portable filtration systems that aid in maintaining adequate levels of ISO cleanliness.

Winch - Hydraulic Filters

IN order to fully protect your equipment, OEM Bay has a line of spin-on, cartridge-style, and in-tank hydraulic filters that are built to perform under the intense pressure at full capacity.

Whether on the road or off in unchartered territory, OEM Bay produces air filters that can adjust and perform at optimal levels in any environment.

OEM Bay has produced new standards in filtration quality, performance, and coverage, as our filters are made to work with our brands just as effectively as our own.

OEM Bay provides an extensive line of marine equipment, covering air, lube, and hydraulic filters, exhaust and even more, including:

  • Engines
  • Generators
  • Stevedore Equipment
  • Z-drives
  • Compressors
and many more…