OEM Bay takes the art of manufacturing filters to new heights, providing maximum protection and productivity with our high quality air, furl, hydraulic, and oil filters that operate at maximum capacity for our customers.

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For customers searching for a brand that delivers an extensive line of effective filtration solutions for their mining, processing, and distribution needs, they need look no further than OEM Bay for the best products around.

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Built to perform at peak capacity and boasting incredible durability are our OEM Bay replacement filters that are made at the exact quality standards as all original parts for the utmost in efficiency.

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Lube Filters

We strive to ensure that our customers maintain oil that is as clean as possible with the production of our line of lube filters for diesel engines. With OEM Bay filters, remove pollutants that can cause severe engine damage.

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Coolant Filter

The coolant filters that OEM Bay manufactures effectively remove pollutants and other particles, maintaining a cooling system balance.

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Mission ready and taking filtration to new heights, our custom filtration solutions help keep equipment ready for action.

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On-board or on-shore, breathe better knowing that you have the remarkable efficiency of OEM Bay’s filters. Trust in our filters to perform better than almost any brand out today, through any weather situation or operating condition.

Whether on-board or on-shore, you can breathe easy with Donaldson filters. You can trust Donaldson filters to perform in any weather, environment or operating condition.

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