Original Donaldson P562418 SGHT PLUG

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  • Part#P562418
  • ManufacturerDonaldson
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Original SGHT PLUG P562418 by Donaldson Company, Inc

There are few companies that can boast the level of effectiveness and durability as the Donaldson brand and the Donaldson P562418 SGHT plug is another shining example of how the company has been able to be a leader in the filtration industry for decades. Their dedication to producing quality parts that exceed at optimal levels is what the brand is known for, and their high-quality parts are always available on their website at prices that are competitive for the industry. The Donaldson P562418 SGHT plug lives up to expectations, functioning at optimal levels that meet or surpass current industry standards. Trust in the Donaldson brand to always provide the best quality products that can withstand the rigorous day to day operations of any task.

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