OEM Bay offers all Original Donaldson Filters at the absolutely best prices available. These filters, which are designed for wide range of OE Systems and Industries, offer the highest quality, endurance, and durability.

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With an expansive line of exhaust systems, Donaldson manufactures a versatile series of mufflers, components, and accessories for medium and heavy-duty diesel powered equipment. Donaldson is one of the biggest and most popular suppliers of exhaust systems.

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Maintaining clean tubes equates to increased efficiency and Donaldson Tubes provide are some of the most effective in the industry today, requiring little self-cleaning and keeping plugging to a minimum.

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The Donaldson brand has always been an industry leader, and the Donaldson Clamps have been designed to effectively connect parts, while simultaneously minimizing noise and exhaust leaks.

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Donaldson has been a leader in supplying components for diesel powered equipment for decades, and Donaldson brackets are durable enough to be effectively used for all retrofit system installations.

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Donaldson Reducers are a common component of heavy-duty exhaust systems and can be utilized to connect two exhaust pipes of differing diameters or of the same diameter.

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We, at OEM Bay, simply provide you the best value for your filtration needs by finding and offering that perfect combination of high-quality and reasonable-pricing that everyone is looking for. Donaldson Filters are known for their quality, durability, and Hardworking characteristics. Plug your filter in and enjoy the ease-of-mind that your equipment/machine is in good hands.

OEM Bay prides itself to offer all types and variations of filter and exhaust products engineered and manufacturered by Donaldson that you would need. Browse around and use our Advanced Search feature to find and order your item. Should you not find it on our website or catalog, simply write us a line, and we will try our best to locate and provide you with the item you are looking for. We carry all sorts, models, and types of Donaldson Products; from Air Intake Air Replacement Filters and Air Cleaners, to Fuel and Lube Replacement Filters we have them all.

OEM Bay Products are used for a wide range of industries every day, all day. Customers from Agricultural, Construction, Energy, Equipment Manufacturing, Forestry, Marine, Material Handling, Mining, and Transportation industries rely on us every day to find, purchase, and receive their filters at the best price and within their expected timeframe. Our trained representatives are here to gladly assist you in finding the right filters and placing your order. With several shipping options, you can have your items shipped overnight or just go with a standard delivery method.

Filters sold by OEM Bay are designed for several OE Systems including but not limited to Aerospace, Bulked Fluid Storage, Compressed Air and Gas, Compressor, Electronic Disk Drives, Engines and Vehicles, Gas Turbines, Hydraulics, Industrial Dust, Membranes, Processes, Industrial Fumes, Production Printing, Electronic Semiconductors, Industrial Mist, and of course venting.